Green Building & Sustainability

          You have heard about the benefits of building with ( I-BLOCK ) which based on Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls for years. ( I-BLOCK ) are proven energy efficient products that have been well documented to significantly reduce heating and cooling loads in buildings. These products are typically foam stay-in-place concrete forms specified for projects designed to provide high performance building envelope walls.

Environmental Facts

  • High Thermal Values Reduce energy costs
  • Uses recycled materials whenever possible
  • Uses no CFCs or HCFCs & Emits no fumes or gasses
  • 8 Energy Star Home rating
  • Has a lifecycle of over 150 years
  • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Reduces mold problem
  • Minimizes construction wastes to three percent or less

Reduction in Energy Costs

     (I-Block) buildings consistently reduce monthly utility costs over the life of the structure. In turn, the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system can be sized appropriately to reap even more savings.

Manufacturing & Recycling

     From the initial manufacturing of (I-Block) product to the construction site to finished structure, I-Block has designed its system and process to be kind to the environment.

In addition to manufacturing under environmentally clean conditions, I-Block forms are 50 percent more efficient to ship and handle than other ICFs systems.

I-Block reduce the pressure on precious natural resources by replacing timber used in bracing traditional construction, with an environmentally clean product. No CFCs, HCFCs or other ozone-depleting substances are used or released during any process. Manufacturing waste is negligible and construction waste is also minimal.

The company believes in The Triple Bottom Line that create sustainable business model and we are studding them to make our business model sustainable


Economic prospective by:

  1. Studding very well the macro and micro consideration
  2. Monitoring leading and lagging indicators
  3. Balancing the short and long term performance
  4. Include all of the above in our strategic plan

Environment prospective by:

  1. Take precautionary measures to protect the environment and reducing resource consumption
  2. Demonstrate more responsibility for the environment
  3. Share knowledge of environmentally friendly technologies
  4. Adopt a good waste management
  5. Implemented environment certificate like ISO 14001
  6. Following the government rules regarding to environments
  7. Insert green SCOR model in the company score card

Environment prospective by:

  1. In the phase of implementing ISO 26000 : 2010 which a guidance for social responsibility
  2. Plan to go for corporate governance model
  3. Protect human rights, follow labor practices , enforce fair operating practices and allow community involvement
  4. Not support or use child labor
  5. Hire based on a potential employee’s merit and job requirements and not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, etc.
  6. Prohibit any form of corruption like bribery or extortion
  7. Have an eye on the UN global compact and GRI (global reporting initiative )