Benefits of (I-BLOCK)


  • High Thermal resistance rate R-Value = 26 up to 46
  • 30-70% savings in energy consumption and costs (good for your pocketbook and the environment)
  • 75% reduction in outside air infiltration (less dust and allergens)
  • Five times quieter than traditional home. STC = 55 up to 65
  • Less built up Cost (10-15% less than traditional way)
  • Lower labor costs with smaller crews
  • Shorten construction time.
  • Safe, Fire Rated I-block manufactured from high density, biologically safe fire retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS). It will not support combustion; the fire resistance of a finished I-Block wall with 20 cm concrete thickness is 4 hours.
  • (I-Block) can be used to build virtually any home plan, using any finish – brick, stucco, siding, and more.
  • Tornado, hurricane and earthquake resistant (keeping your family and belongings safe and sound)
  • Explosion resistant up to 150 kg TNT on 20 cm wall thickness of ICF.
  • Lower maintenance and lifetime operating costs with higher energy efficiency.

(I-Block) Benefits for Contractors & Developers
     Building with (I-Block) dramatically reduces the time and cost of construction and offers huge advantages in energy saving, thermal efficiency and acoustic performance.

The (I-Block) Tech system comes primarily as a supply and fit service or we can deliver you all the Forms and ancillary items that you need to complete your project. We can provide training for your operatives and technical (on-site) support during critical stages of the build such as the concrete pour.

Our in-house structural engineering, architectural and construction teams can assist you with every element of the build, literally from the ground works to putting the roof on.

Fast track construction
     Speed of build is one of the key benefits of ICF construction. Up to 4m² per man per hour can be achieved (using our trained and experienced installers). This typically equates to a two stories detached villas being completed in little over 4 weeks.

Our system is not effected by adverse weather, with (I-Block) we can work in inclement weather so tight site deadlines are easier to meet.

Reduced labor costs & crews
     Labor cost is much reduced due to the fact that structures are quicker to build. Also, they do not require highly paid scarce skills such as brick layers.

Less site supervision
We provide a complete supply and fit service so there is less site supervision required.

(I-Block) Benefits for Designers
     As an architect your aim is to design a building that looks good and meets your client’s brief but is also functional, environmentally friendly and meets the required code compliance.

The benefits of the (I-Block) system include:

  • Design flexibility.
  • Quicker build times.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • The variety of finishes available.
  • Higher building performance particularly in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

You can design dwellings with larger clear spanning rooms due to the integral strength of the walling system and reduce the detail required around common interfaces such as windows and doors and wall to floor/roof details.

Design flexibility
     The superior strength of the concrete core and the adaptable nature of the (I-Block) system, allows the creation of structures with curves and other angles.

With (I-Block) blocks you no longer have to design around the limitation of Columns & beams or conventional brick and block construction.

Superior thermal and sound performance
     The high thermal performance of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), gives the (I-Block) system a R-value of 26 in a structural width of just 250mm (and down to 55 with a structural thickness of just 335mm using an insulated plasterboard)

This monolithic structure also affords enhanced sound insulation from airborne sources, far more effectively than conventional forms of construction.

Speed of construction
     (I-Block) do not have the design-to-manufacture lead times of other Pre-Cast walls such as Concrete walls or steel frame. Our trained installers can achieve installation speed of 4m²/hr/man (we use a three man team) so your project can rapidly progress.

This typically equates to a two stories detached villas being completed in little over 4 weeks.

Variety of finishes
     An Integral (I-Block) building can look like any other by applying plaster or mortar and painting or even adding brick slip systems, timber cladding, render or commercial cladding systems.

(I-Block) Benefits for Homeowners
The (I-Block) system can help you to reduce your energy bills and create a cooler, safe and sustainable home.

Low running costs
     (I-Block) have superior thermal performance compared to conventional methods of construction and therefore automatically provide low running costs (for heating and cooling). This means that you can turn your AC on later in the year and switch it off earlier.

Because there is better retention of cooling within the building, due to the superior thermal performance and extremely low air infiltration, you are able to use a small AC units further reducing build and running costs.

With rising power costs, you should demand better performance from the structure of your house; with (I-Block) we deliver 2016 levels of performance today.

Good acoustic performance
     Due to the density and thickness of the concrete cores within the (I-Block) system, excellent acoustic insulation is provided.

Fire resistance
     Once constructed, an (I-Block) house meets the Building Regulations requirements for fire performance. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is manufactured containing a flame retardant, which means the (I-Block) does not contribute to the fire load and self-extinguishes once the ignition source has been removed.