Why Integral

          For Egypt and MEA region , our I.Block designed mainly for green construction market and will replace the traditional way of buildings , Which gives the most advantages to our customers to finish their project in faster time with less cost and higher quality standard , that is because two main concepts :

  1. Company Concept : Our company “Integral” control a complete supply chain starting from the reputable design office ,Local Product Manufacturing , and ending with installation and after sales service office ,
  2. Product Concept : BLock Product has many high standard Parameters more than the traditional one like
    1. Save Cost up to 15 %.
    2. Long Life and Flexible building up to 22 floor with wall height up in first floor up to 14 m
  • Utilize Spaces up to 22 m span without any column.
  1. Thermal Resistance with R-Value 26 witch save energy up to 50 %
  2. Sound Isolation STC =55-60
  3. Fast project building up to 4 times faster than traditional.
  • Green with low construction cost and used recycle material,
  • Fire Resistance up to 4 hours with no toxic smoke.

 Company (Solution) Concept Can be either