Our Strategy & UVP

          A. Strategic Pillars could be on six pillars:


B. Our Unique value Proposition (UVP)

  • Value Positioning
    • More for Same.
    • More for Less
  • Value Message

For Construction customer who need green construction solution in Egypt and MEA region, our product (I-Block) is a (green Building Material) that will finish customers projects in faster time with less cost and higher quality standard. Unlike (traditional beam and column systems), (pre-cast or even steel structure systems), our products and complete solutions are flexible, can combine with any systems, Save Cost up to 15 % , utilize space up to 22m ,save energy up to 50 % , Isolate sound , Fire retardant up to 4 hours with no toxic vapor and finish the projects 4 times faster than other systems .

Core Business Processes that…. Sharpen distribution systems and provide no hassle service Nurture ideas, translate them into products, and market them skillfully Provide solutions and help customers run their businesses
Structure that…. Has strong, central authority and a finite level of empowerment Acts in an ad hoc, organic, Loosely knit, and ever-changing way Pushes empowerment close to customer contact
Management System that…. Maintain standard operating procedures Reward individuals’ innovative capacity and new product success Measure the cost of providing service and of maintaining customer loyalty
Culture that… Acts predictably and believes in operation excellence and continues involvement Experiments and thinks “out-of-the-box” Is flexible and thinks “have it your way”