Production & Quality

          We have an agile production facility that can support our forecasted demand with the following resources

Machine: we equipped with branded machines and expandable capacities in house and outsourced, all machines are from reputable suppliers and industry specialization

Man: The company Blue collar labor has experience and worked in this field for more than 15 years with excellent supervision team directing them. Thanks to the great mix between direct and indirect labor.

Material: Most of our raw material came from reputable suppliers from USA, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and more… The company’s strong quality control system assures the quality for our incoming raw material and consequently our process and our final product.

Inventory and Warehouses: the company satisfied the required inventory space area with sorted, set in order, shiny, standardize and safe   warehouses. The warehouses are equipped with modern tools and are powered with strong information systems. The company inventory was been optimized to achieve the tradeoffs between reducing inventory cost, increasing profitability and liquidity, and satisfying the customer requirements on full on time

Management behind the scene:
One of the most internal strengths in the company is its management team who has:
• Good Culture
• Strong Leadership
• High Managerial capabilities
• High degree of Flexibility
• Adaptability to change

Quality System: The company we realize that quality is paramount. Every batch we produce is made in accordance with our production procedure. This procedure is based around the production specification and the requirement from our customers. The company is in the process to certify ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001.